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► "I've recorded in a number of studios over the years and have no hesitation in saying my experience here was by far the best. This is the endangered species of the recording world; an all-analogue studio. You want to record the same way as the greatest records from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin to The Clash to The Smiths to early Oasis with a warm professional sound and a band-feel? Go to Anvil.

Have to say when you go there, you're not getting an engineer who will just record your stuff and make it sound good. Terry is more than that, he's a producer too. He'll help you shape your songs with helpful and friendly suggestions and do it so that he's working with you. His people management skills are only matched by his wizardry behind the desk. Some of the gear you will use was made by the man himself. He knows how to get the very best out of it and you. Oh and he serves great coffee and Ratho has a great vibe"

David Paul - a Google review written while his six-piece band called The Letting Go worked on their 2024 album

► "I spent 3 days recording at Anvil and was very happy with the results. It was great to be part of the whole recording process right down to the final mastering - a special mention to Dave who is the studio session drummer, who really brought our acoustic songs to life"
Jake Hogg - a Google review after his great Dundee duo called Marcel & St.John started their 2023 album

► "Great time recording at Anvil Studio - was our second time there and it won’t be the last. Terry is a joy to work with, has a great knowledge of music and is an ace recording engineer, top bloke"
Bob Kelly - a studio-timeline comment added midway through their 2023 album, by singer of Bathgate rock band Init4Fun

► "Fantastic studio! Was my first time recording analogue and Terry made us feel very welcome. His enthusiasm for music, knowledge about the industry and analogue recording, mixed with his guidance, made it easy for us to record our instruments. A must for anybody who would prefer an analogue studio compared to a digital one. He made a 4 piece rock band sound very big but yet with a lot of clarity coming through. It was an enjoyable and worthwhile experience and that's just for the coffee alone, the best recording experience that I ever had."
Mitch Cashmore - bass player with Edinburgh rock band Kingsmen

► "It was an absolute pleasure working at Anvil Recording Studio. I can’t recommend highly enough the facilities, Terry's patient yet hugely enthusiastic approach and indispensable advice at crucial points (when we could’ve got lost down a deep rabbit hole!) Thank you for sharing our efforts"
Bob's Boiler Room Band - Borders-based rock covers band

► "I have just recorded at Anvil Studio and can say that I had a fantastic experience working with Terry and Dave. Dave (studio session drummer) brought a great deal of life to my songs and it was incredible hearing the transformation. Terry was also more than happy to lend his keyboarding skills to a few tracks and provide endless cups of tea and biscuits. What was also nice was the change made to the tracks once put onto tape. Can only describe the sound as taking on a Fleetwood Mac vibe, which is never a bad thing. Really happy with the recordings"
Stephen Armour - Singer/Songwriter

► "I’ve worked in numerous studios and can honestly say that Anvil is up there as one of the best recording experiences I’ve had. It was the first time recording onto tape which was great. A nice rich, warm sound with instruments and vocal takes all punching through, plus having the 16 tracks to work with as opposed to an unlimited amount helped things from becoming ‘overproduced’. Working with Terry was brilliant. He’s a professional worker with loads of enthusiasm and knowledge of the equipment, and a really nice guy to boot. I’ll definitely be booking more time in next year"
Andy Barbour - Harmonica & Keys player with Willie Dug and The Cosmic Gents (now added to our session-player list for Harmonica)

► "Being an analogue studio made all the difference in terms of sound. It was amazing! If you have any questions about the process or equipment used, Terry the owner will take the time to go through it all with you. Terry is a pro musician as well as being a top notch engineer & producer, asking the right questions, making sure we were all happy and really gets the most out of everyone!
We ended up with 4 tracks that really kicked arse! Tea, coffee all there, great comfortable vibe in the studio, I suggest you give Terry a shout and maybe take a trip out to the studio which just happens to be in a stunning location, plus a cracking pub over the road. Anyway, to sum it up, top guy, top place and a great sounding end product! Big thumbs up from Emergency Exit, classic punk covers band!"

Steven Patrick - Bass player with Emergency Exit

► "Great recording studio with very high quality equipment and great value. A great experience recording our first EP. Would highly recommend to anyone requiring a high quality professional recording for an affordable price. We could not have asked for a better end result and were frankly blown away by the steps taken to give our tracks the best sound quality."
Ben McKeigue from the band Basically Nocturnal

► "I had the absolute pleasure of recording bass and trumpet tracks for a friend today at Anvil Recording Studio! Terry (the owner) is welcoming, friendly, and above all a true, experienced professional. In our case, he was able to move nimbly between efficiently handling the recording side of the operation, logistics (including time management), whilst also coaching us musically and providing welcome advice for the best possible sound and feel. He is a talented producer, technician, and coach, and it is clear that he loves his craft. We had great fun!
The studio is welcoming and peaceful, situated in Ratho which is perfect for both Edinburgh and Glasgow based musicians. It is incredibly unique, kitted out with absolutely top-notch analogue equipment which provides a warmth and polish to a track.
I would recommend this studio to any band or singer-songwriter (Terry has a network of session musicians which he is able to call on) and I look forward to returning soon!"

Lorimer MacAndrew - bass & session-trumpet player (now added to our list of available session-players)

► "Had a great day at Anvil. I was very nervous as it was my first time in a recording studio but the professional yet laid back atmosphere settled me quickly. We made a few good recordings in our session which sound amazing and Terry kept the raw Ramones sound we were after. Look forward to the next visit."
Lynn Ainslie - singer of Ramonamaniacs at that time and Emergency Exit who later also recorded here

► "Did a recording at Anvil studio. Terry was an absolute gentleman, made us feel at ease. His equipment, space and quality of studio is second to none. Would highly recommend 5 star. Recording in analogue was absolutely brilliant. Sounds amazing."
David Condie - frontman of Ska band Lieutenant Dan recording here on the Midnight Breakfast Club complation album

► "Analogue/tape recording studio heaven! I'm happy that Anvil Recording Studio played a crucial role in my latest project. The studio is a very relaxed and friendly environment to work in, quietly tucked away from the stresses of Edinburgh or Glasgow. But most importantly, it offers wonderful vintage equipment, tech and mics that allowed me to experiment & create the kind of atmosphere that's so important to me as a contemporary alternative songwriter/musician. Although I was working with huge time limitations, Terry helped me complete & finish a complex project with great skill, patience and collaboration. I'd highly recommend it to the analogue tape-heads (you know who you are!) as well as and any other singer-songwriters, bands or solo artists."
Burnt Paw - Singer/Songwriter

► "It's been a pleasure recording with Terry! Great guy and the recordings sound incredible! Highly recommended!!"
Steven Adamson - exceptional bass player, played in many bands including The Kicks, Pygmy Twylyte, Tantura Vultura, Fortebeat

► "Anvil is a unique studio in Edinburgh - offering recording to 16-track tape, and mixing to two-track reel-to-reel, with an all-analogue setup. Terry’s commitment, musicality and experience are all beyond question, and he’s helped me to produce songs to a great standard, with a unique sound signature. Working with Anvil has definitely helped me to get positive attention and airplay for my music, and has been great fun. To be honest, I don’t want to write this review, because I’d like Anvil to be a well-kept secret!! Just great!"
Chris Ray King - Singer/Songwriter

► "The analogue set up was perfect for what I wanted, gaining the authentic retro sound that I needed for the EP, rather than over-processed sound that you sometimes get from a digital set up. His mixing and mastering can't be faulted either and he knew exactly how to highlight the tones I wanted. Was very impressed how he managed to get such a loud and balanced sound when we sat down and he properly mastered my tracks, making it sound "radio ready" and for this I can't thank him enough. He is also a fantastic producer and has a vast knowledge of the music business, and is always keen to help in any way. He is also very affordable for an analogue studio, which is a rarity now. Would definitely recommend."
Scott Alexander - gigging singer/songwriter

► "Really incredible mastering job, given the price being charged. I've known studios to ask 3 times this much for a flatter, duller output. Super-loud, super crisp, super aggressive result. Very impressed."
Stuart Bell - Black Metal songwriter & talented guitar-shredder with a great home studio

► "As a professional drummer I have been in numerous studios throughout the UK and Anvil Recording Studio in Edinburgh is hands down my favourite. In my time there I don't actually remember ever needing to do a sound check, I just sat down at the kit and played and everything sounded perfect, BOOM, take done! I have never had that, anywhere! With a fantastic house kit all recorded using the warmth of analogue you have all the ingredients to capture a great recording in a nice comfortable environment and all polished off with the studio engineer's great mastering skills. Highly recommended!"
Denis Lynch - Professional Session Drummer

► "The best studio I’ve ever recorded in. Terry (the owner) is a top class guy, full of great advice and wisdom and knows how to get a professional yet raw sound out of his equipment giving your record that something special."
Harry Noble - singer/guitar player of High Fade

► "Booked 4 days for my band and it was a fantastic experience. The studio is incredible (bright, comfortable room and plenty of space) and the equipment is fantastic! Terry is a great professional. He really knows his stuff and is a kind, welcoming, friendly guy! it has been a joy to record with him over the past week, the whole band have enjoyed it and the songs are sounding better than we could have ever imagined. 10/10 would recommend anyone looking to record."
Matt Graham (drummer)

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