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We have an all-analogue recording and mixdown process for a warm, authentic sound, starting with a 1980s tape machine, a 24-channel Allen & Heath mixing desk and an array of lush valve equipment & microphones. After mixdown, your material will then benefit from our in-house mastering for you to be able to take away your choice of a well-mastered CD, or a '.WAV' file to stream/release online (at the normal 44.1K sample-rate/16-bit).

The studio has a capable and experienced engineer, spacious live recording area, a vocal booth with a classic valve Telefuken microphone, a Pearl Masters Custom drum kit, an electric-grand piano, fabulous Nord Electro keyboard, valve-Marshall amplifiers, Ashdown bass-rig, full rack of valve-based hardware/1176 compressor/limiters/hardware-EQs & effects, bathroom facilities and a separate kitchen, plus complimentary tea, coffee and Wi-Fi.

Why Analogue? - analogue tape gives a very natural, full and flattering sound to music of all genres and is still regarded as the best sounding recording medium. The benefits of recording this way are heard on many classic albums with their pleasing authenticity, warmth and punch.
(drop-ins, fixes & overdubs are still easily possible when recording with tape).

In pro audio, most modern gear is still referencing the past - Will Shanks, Universal Audio

What is included in the recording rates below?
- Free parking for several cars
- An experienced engineer/producer is included
- Use of the Pearl Masters Custom kit & Meinl cymbals
- Use of the grand piano, Nord Electro keyboard and Roland Synth-keyboard
- Use of a selection of Marshall & Ashdown amplifiers
- Use of a selection of Telefunken, Neumann & Royer microphones
- Mixing down with high end vintage valve rack gear
- On-site mastering is included during the last stage of your session
- Free tea & coffee all day, use of kitchen facilities and fast complimentary Wi-Fi

SINGLE-DAY : single-day session (ideal for one song or small projects)

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MULTIPLE WEEK-DAYS : (for EPs, albums and other longer projects)

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Our Services

  • Recording Studio

    In our spacious live area we can record full bands, bagpipes, classical instruments, choirs, voice-overs and speech/poetry, whatever you need

  • Audio Mastering

    Got a great mix from elsewhere and just need the finishing touch? (width, tonal-balance, loudness etc), then we can master it here for you

  • CD duplication / cassettes

    We can make normal 'on-body' printed CDs using your artwork and can also make cassettes for any artists wanting some additional physical media to sell