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Get your mix mastered here

This service is for you if you:
- Have a great mix from a good studio that still needs a bit more width & weight (see example below)
- Have a good mix from a home-studio that lacks overall impact
- Have a good mix from a budget studio that sounds 'too digital' or harsh
- Have an old demo which you've always wanted to improve
- Want to avoid the expense of going back into a studio just for a finishing touch

The following track was recorded in a good studio and came here for mastering-only.
On a full-range system or headphones you can clearly hear the following benefits:

- the incredible detail now audible in the keyboard and guitar parts
- the snare & ride cymbal now have more impact
- the fuller overall sound and extra width after mastering with our analogue gear
- there is usually some audible gain-boost as a by-product of any extra brightness or limiting

Listen to the original studio's recording, then listen to it mastered here

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