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Get your mix mastered here

This service will be helpful if:
- You have a good mix from a home-studio that lacks overall impact
- Your mixes currently sound too different to sit well together on an album
- Your mixes sound somehow "too digital" and need some analogue-hardware-mojo
- You have an amazing old demo which never got mastered (cassette/DAT/CD all OK)

The following track was recorded by the artist and came here for mastering.
On a full-range system or headphones you can clearly hear quite a transformation:

- the whole thing sounds much wider and engaging
- the incredible detail now becoming audible, that was previously hidden
- there is a major increase in overall clarity and an improved stereo image
- it has a slightly 'louder' sound as a by-product of the above and some subtle limiting

Listen to the original artist's recording, then listen to it after it was mastered here

Bulk-discount for multiple tracks, eg: ONLY £50 each for 12 tracks, see below

Select how many song(s) for mastering:

What's your main audio issue?

We are planning a limited vinyl release and need VINYL-SAFE masters
  (this studio will use analogue multi-band peak-limiting only and avoid max-gain limiting,
  which helps make a cleaner/loud record if the cutter is not constantly overloaded,
  we will reduce any sibilance or other treble harshness, to avoid vinyl-distortion
  and set the lowest frequency range, up to around 150Hz, to mono)
Please provide your email address and a link to get your audio (200 char max):

- for all above options, you'll get back downloadable 44.1Khz/16-bit .WAV masters
- for the full album (10-12 song) option you also can be mailed a CD for mass production
- the lowest octave is also centered to mono which helps all formats, in particular vinyl
   (this helps the needle track better in the vinyl grooves and is also helpful on other
   playback formats to provide a slightly more 'focussed'/centered and less 'flabby' bass)

Feel free to contact us before going ahead

Our Services

  • Recording Studio

    In our spacious live area we can record full bands, bagpipes, classical instruments, choirs, voice-overs and speech/poetry, whatever you need

  • Audio Mastering

    Got a great mix from elsewhere and just need the finishing touch? (width, tonal-balance, loudness etc), then we can master it here for you

  • CD duplication / cassettes

    We can make normal 'on-body' printed CDs using your artwork and can also make cassettes for any artists wanting some additional physical media to sell