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CD Mastering in Edinburgh CD Duplication in Edinburgh

After recording here you get 44.1K/16-bit '.WAV' files and optional picture-CDs

Your CD master-disc is carefully made at single-speed with the above/left machine rather than just burning discs on a PC at the typical 32x-speed. Not only does this stop high speed disc-errors but as this machine is optimised for only audio, it can be set to cleanly add an extra Db or so in the final disc-making process due to it's premium-quality internal convertors, which is always handy to help get your final disc to play back at a commercial-CD level and using such a machine also helps preserve the integrity and sound-signature of your original analogue audio.
After this, your master-disc can either be sent to your choice of mainstream CD-replicator for mass producion or to get you started we can run you up a small batch of CDs on the duplicator (above/right pic).

As part of our mastering process (which is included at no extra cost when recording here), the lowest of the bass frequencies are centered to mono which helps all formats, in particular vinyl release (this helps the needle track better in the vinyl grooves and is often helpful on other playback formats to provide a focussed/centered bass)

If the material you want put on CD was recorded elsewhere, or in your home-studio and maybe needs improvement/adjustment, you may benefit from first using our Mastering service.

If you'd also like a limited number of cassettes to start your release, C45 cassettes are £5 each
(22 minutes per side)

    Most popular option: picture-CDs in sleeves     or we can also provide boxed CDs
CD Duplication in Edinburgh CD Duplication in Edinburgh
    Printed CDs in sleeves are £2 each     and boxed CDs are £3.50

   We make these for artists who want a small run of CDs to get them started (min 50, max 300)
   If you need say 500-1000, it is more cost-effective to go to the usual mainstream CD-replicator facilities

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