• CD duplication in Edinburgh

    CD Mastering & Duplication

CD and other release formats

CD Duplication in Edinburgh When recording here you get 44.1K/16-bit '.WAV' files and optional picture-CDs (as shown / max 300 copies)

The lowest of the bass frequencies are centred to mono which helps all formats, in particular vinyl release (this is to help the needle track better in the vinyl grooves on playback)

If the material you want put on CD was recorded in your home-studio and maybe needs improvement, you may first need to use our Mastering service

Picture-CDs are £2 each and if you'd also like a limited number of cassettes to start your release, C45 cassettes are £6 each for single-sided EP/20 min and £8 each for double-sided/album (as they take a while!)

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