• CD duplication in Edinburgh

    CD Mastering & Duplication

CD and other release formats

CD Duplication in Edinburgh - When recording here you get 44.1K/16-bit '.WAV' files and an optional picture-CD (with max 300 copies).

- We can also supply the '.WAV' files with the bass frequencies in mono for vinyl release (this is to help the needle track better in the vinyl grooves on playback).

CD-duplication is also available to artists who have recorded elsewhere. If the material you want put on CD was recorded in a home-studio and maybe needs improvement, you may first need to use our Mastering service.

Picture-CDs (shown above) are £2 each and if you'd also like a limited number of cassettes to start your release, C45 cassettes are £6 each for single-sided EP/20 min and £8 each for double-sided/album (as they take a while to do!)

(Did you know in 2018 UK cassette sales grew 90% as well as in the US where in 2017, 174,000 cassettes were sold!)

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